Electioneering Politicians trying to sell their Superannuation Changes

June 6, 2016

I am amazed at the politicians continued blunders when it comes to superannuation.  It is a complex piece of legislation to start with (and not for the faint hearted), but just like Centrelink; if you know what you are doing then it is a challenge worth undertaking. I say leave…

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The Future for our State-what could it be, what should it be?

May 17, 2016

We have had the budget and now an election is looming on 2nd of July; but will this give our state and country the boost it needs?  One thing I know is that our state is suffering economically at this time, with some major businesses (Holden’s!) closing soon; so we…

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May 2016 Federal Budget

May 9, 2016

The budget last night has left me somewhat perplexed; as they have attacked super when the Australian Government cannot afford to pay Centrelink (Aged Pension) benefits for too many years, with the baby boomers starting to retire. Statistically the current taxpayer vs aged pensioner ratio is about 75%/25%, but once…

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