The Timeless Fundamentals of Leadership

 Many of you may be aware that a few years ago I undertook a Leadership program with Stanford University.  As part of that program, I am now an alumnus of the Stanford University, “Graduate School of Stanford Business “.  I subscribe to their online material  and recently came across this free e-book, “Timeless Fundamentals of Leadership” which I wanted to share with you.  It is a quick read and shares some important points that I still use today;  to think laterally; or think and act before you need to, rather than being reactive.  In our digital work of disruption, this is now so much more evident as the world is moving faster and we as business owners and consumers need to keep up.

So how can we identify the change and lead?  In my experience it requires courage and certainty.  Courage to allow yourself and your staff to think and act (you just don’t know where your next good idea will come from) with confidence, that you have their back and to appreciate each other.  Secondly and more importantly, I believe, is certainty.  Certainty is not sitting on the fence and wondering , but ACTION; for without action you are just a spectator. 

In order to facilitate and lead you need support; and we at Greven & Co are here to support you in whatever it is you want to achieve- we have the resources.Enjoy spring and the earlier sunrises and later sunsets and be kind to each other.