Individuals may need a lump sum of $545,000 & couples $640,000 to fund a comfortable retirement.*

Retirement seems a long way off when you are busy working, raising a family & juggling busy lives.  But the super you put away & how it's invested during these years will be the bedrock for your future retirement.  These important decisions impact whether you are able to achieve the kind of retirement you would like to enjoy.  We will work with you to understand what your retirement goals will be in the future & build a plan that will help you achieve those goals.

Employers must contribute a percentage of your income (including bonuses, commissions & loadings).  This is known as Super Guarantee & it's the law.

Many of us obtain our superannuation funds when we commence with our employer, and this will often include insurance. We may feel that this super will be enough to fund our retirement & the insurances will provide adequately if something should go wrong.  However, the supply of these superannuation products does not take into account what your goals and needs are from a retirement and insurance perspective (unless you have obtained them through a financial planning process).  We can help you understand whether your current superannuation & insurance is appropriate for you and if not, we can follow a financial planning pathway to recommend the appropriate products & strategies for you.

Click here to visit our Retirement Planning page.  This page provides greater detail about what you will need to consider in order to adequately fund your retirement.

We can provide advice on:

  • Industry Funds
  • Retail Funds
  • SMSF's (Self-Managed Superannuation Funds)

Things to consider:

  • What to look for in a super fund to help you save for your retirement
  • What to do with the various super funds you may have (they may include insurance) and have low balances
  • Whether you can you access your super fund monies and continue working
  • What your insurances are really covering you for
  • Whether you should reduce your home loan or put more into super
  • You may have a SMSF (self managed super fund) & are unsure whether it meets your needs
  • Whether there are better investment options available

What can you do to build a healthier retirement future?

Build a robust portfolio: to build a lump sum you need a wide range of investments, and some of the world's best investment managers (Super now & Retirement products in future)

Protect your future: insure your income as well as your assets with our help (Insurance)

Create and protect your income stream:  make sure you don't outlive your income - protect your capital and safeguard your income over 10 years, 20 years or for life. (Pensions & Retirement Planning)

Manage your risks: inflation, living longer, spending too much, market timing and poor planning can all threaten your retirement wealth. We can work with you on a plan to manage these risks (Super & Retirement Planning).

As you can see, a range of strategies & products may be required throughout your life to reach your retirement goals.

We work with market leaders in wealth management & insurance to bring you well known & recognised financial products.

*All figures in today's dollars using 2.75% AWE as a deflator and an assumed investment earning rate of 6 per cent.  ASFA Retirement Standard, 2018. (Courtesy ASFA)

We charge a fee for our strategies rather than commissions on product sales.

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