The Future for our State-what could it be, what should it be?

We have had the budget and now an election is looming on 2nd of July; but will this give our state and country the boost it needs?  One thing I know is that our state is suffering economically at this time, with some major businesses (Holden’s!) closing soon; so we need  to start thinking laterally about our future and that of our children.  What trends are being set and how can we (individually, as a state & a nation) change the economic outlook to be positive and prosperous? 

We lose so much talent each year to the eastern states or overseas and we are known as the state of churches and parklands; but with modern technology, we should be able to work anywhere and do just about anything.  This is my question to the state government (who sent a trade delegation to China recently).  How do we promote SA as the state that is at the forefront of new business/economic trend?  Trends such as:

3D Printing for Buildings (yes I said buildings!)
Virtual Reality
Medical data going Mobile
Self-driving cars (they are almost here!)
Fixing education using technology

One concept is Food consumption, with a growing and more affluent global population, we will see an accelerated move to substitute plant-based products for meat (plant based proteins that are fashioned into meat-like products). 

Food for thought! (no pun intended); but with new innovative businesses, we need the encouragement from governments (state and federal) to help fund big ideas, revolutionary projects to get off the ground (tax breaks for investors).  We did it off the sheep’s back in the 1950’s & 60’s we can do it again.

Take care and be kind to each other.