Christmas Newsletter 2020

Hello and welcome to the December edition of the Greven & Co newsletter.

Well what a year it has been!   Christmas is upon us everyone I speak to is looking forward to catching up with family and loved ones.  If nothing else the positives for 2021 are that we now all feel the importance of connections and how having people in our lives matter.

We at Greven & Co have felt the ups and downs of our clients, staff and community and would like to think we have supported everyone we can, as this pandemic is not yet over we are hopefully that the government will continue to support by extending the incentives for businesses to get back on their feet and keep people in jobs. 

What isn’t recognised are charities and the support they need to continue to do the great jobs they do.  They rely heavily on the support of donors and this year, that has been tough for them, not only for their donors but also to get out and do the usual work they do to generate income to continue with their valuable work.

So at Greven & Co we decided to give to 4 charities we, as a team, thought needed more support:-

  • Hutt Street Centre (helping end homelessness)  with $1,000
  • Catherine House (support services & accommodation for women experience homelessness in SA) with $1,000
  • RSPCA South Australia (a new direction to prevent animal suffering) $1,000
  • AKR (Adelaide Koala Rescue – Rescue, Clinic & Rehabilitation of Koala’s in the Adelaide & Adelaide Hills area) $1,000

If you are capable of giving the gift of giving, we know where every you send your support, it will be of value.  So from all of us at Greven & Co, we wish you a wonderful Christmas and here is to a positive 2021, take care.


Here we are at the end of 2020 and I had the privilege to talk to Bob Cunneen, Senior Economist with MLC in November. We spoke for over an hour on how covid-19 has impacted the markets, the recession and how we are not out of the woods yet, the world economies and the US election (still playing out in the media) but overall in his view, there is room for optimism.

It is a long video, so sit back with a cuppa, click the link below and enjoy!

We have compiled a list of our top 6 free activities for the whole family to enjoy over the summer break.

  • Haigh’s Chocolate Factory- Who doesn’t love chocolate, join in for a free guided tour and learn the history of Haigh’s and how they make their delicious chocolate.
  • St Kilda Adventure Playground- Cook a BBQ or bring a picnic, this playground has everything you need for a fun family day out.
  • Haysen Trail Walk- Take the kids on a walking adventure and visit the Bridgewater Fairy Garden.
  • Story Book Trail- For children, and children at heart, take a walk through Carrick Hill’s parkland and into a world of your imagination.
  • Adelaide Botanic Gardens- In the heart of the city, take a relaxing walk through Australia’s finest plant life. Great for family picnics.
  • Hit the beach- Adelaide has some beautiful beaches and so when the heat kicks in, the beach is the perfect place to go with the kids.