Brexit-what does it all mean?

I am sure you are aware of the ups and downs (more downs at the moment) of the market due to the UK’s referendum and their choice to leave the EU.  I have listed below the response from one fund manager, but it is the sentiment of many.  Please read, review and by all means give me a call if you are concerned.

It is usual at this time of year to see the share market drop, irrespective of what is happening (elections and the Brexit aside) as many share traders sell their stocks that are making a loss to reduce their profits (minimise tax) and simply buy again on the 1st of July.  As you can see from the last 12 months graph and from the comments from one Fund Manager, further down, we are in a volatile environment and time will get us through. 

For those who are invested for the long term, it is a matter of weathering the storm and those who are in retirement your investment bucket will be able to weather this storm as your retirement payments are paid from your cash bucket.  For those in retirement that have protected or guaranteed income streams, who cares!  Not your problem…….

On another note, we have listed our prices for 2016/17 and we have kept them the same, NO INCREASE.

Have a terrific end of financial year, I cannot believe we are 6 months into 2016 and we will catch up in the next financial year.

Take care and be kind to each other