Electioneering Politicians trying to sell their Superannuation Changes

I am amazed at the politicians continued blunders when it comes to superannuation.  It is a complex piece of legislation to start with (and not for the faint hearted), but just like Centrelink; if you know what you are doing then it is a challenge worth undertaking.

I say leave it to the professionals, as last week Julie Bishop & Sarah Hanson-Young both had foot in mouth disease from their lack of knowledge, not only of the current legislation,  but also of the proposed legislation.  In Sarah’s case, she lacked knowledge about her own party’s proposed changes to the legislation (as outlined and recorded for all to relive  through the Sydney Morning Herald website).  This causes confusion and fear into the hearts and minds of the Australian People, when all I want to say is, it is not yet legislation and until it is, NO-ONE know what it will look like.  It is all speculation and fear mongering to draw reactions, generate discussion, change voters minds or cause confusion about who to vote for. 

In the immortal words of Derryn Hinch “Shame” “Shame” “Shame”  on the politicians for using such low tactics to belittle the Australian People with fear and confusion.  We have attached an article from Robin Boweman of Vanguard to explain in plain and simple terms the response to critical financial turning points, as I believe we are in the midst of one right now.  In this article it talks about using;

Obtaining adequate insurance
And seeking quality professional advice and including links to ASIC’s FREE budget calculator to get you started.

If you find finances overwhelming, we recommend you contact us (8364 5555) for your free no obligation 1 hour appoint to talk about your situation and obtain that quality professional advice to help you or someone you know with their finances, It is never too late to start.

Last but not least, our vision for this year was to “create our future” and in doing so, we have created a project- “It’s in the bag” community support program (details below).  We encourage you, your family, friends and associates to get on board and support those less fortunate in our community.    We will keep you posted via social media on our progress (so like us on Facebook  or LinkedIn) and come on the journey with us.

Take care and be kind to each other