Update for business owners

Dear Valued Client,

I have prepared a video that provides information for contractors and business owners to view and start to get an understanding of the opportunities for you.  If you are not an investor or business owner, can I ask that you consider forwarding this onto family, friends and people in your network who would get value out of this email.

At Greven & Co we are reviewing our Database to identify:-

  • Clients who pay PAYG Withholding (those clients paying employees or just registered to pay employees)
  • Clients who pay PAYG Installments
  • Clients with current ATO Debt
  • Clients who have not yet lodged with 2019 tax returns

We will be in contact with these clients soon to identify you and make a time to work with you and through the opportunities that are available to you, to plan, strategise and implement.

In the meantime, if you have lost 20% or more of your income due to COVID-19, we have the processes necessary for you to register with Centrelink and can support you with the instructions if you are overwhelmed to register a claim.

Again, if you know anyone in your family, friends or networks that may get some value out of this email/video please forward this on.

We are here to support you as “we are in it together”