The State of South Australia & the 2018 State Election-what does the future hold for us?

The government has finally legislated the reforms from the May 2016 budget (nothing like being efficient).  We have a summary of those changes.

We also found some interesting facts about the states performances as we are constantly bagged in the media about being the BROKE state, and it seems for once the media is right!  We are not last, as WA is, but darn close.

This is not a surprise, when you see our young members of the community moving interstate to find work and with another manufacturing business (COCA-COLA) closing down in the next 2 years you can see why.

We have endured this failing economy for the last 12 years and next year we have a state election.  I would love to know whether we are going to continue along the same route and be known as the retirement state or whether we can get it together, stand on our own two feet and thrive.

On a lighter note, the footy is coming and I encourage you to sign up for the Greven & Co footytips (online) as there is up to $350 in prizes to be won.

I hope you are venturing out to the Fringe and catching a local act or two, as it is ‘Mad March’ in Adelaide.

Enjoy and be kind to each other.