New Years Resolutions & Top 100 trends for 2018.

The Tech to Help Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

You don’t order food, look for a job or even check out local real estate without using technology, so why embark on a life-changing New Year’s resolution without a little digital backup to help you along the way? According to U.S. News and World Report, 80 percent of resolutions made each new year are not kept. In fact, most people abandon their self-improvement plans by February 2018.

That may sound bad for resolution-makers; it doesn’t have to be – not if you use technology to sidestep the common reasons people bail on their carefully laid plans. Here are some of the most common New Year’s resolutions for business owners as well as recommendations for innovative tech that makes changing your life easier.

Pinterest reveals its top 100 trends for 2018-from “Super” coffee to the new glamping!

With every new year comes new trends-some good and some bad.  Take 2017 for example-we had the rise of solo travel but then we also had the resurgence of ‘jorts’ (that’s denim shorts). 

Thankfully, 2018 is set to look overwhelmingly positive.

Pinterest has released it’s top 100 trend predictions for next year and while there are some we’re not sure we’ll get on board with (read: fashionable fences), there are plenty we will.

From a new way to get your caffeine fix to re-imagining the desert-these are the one’s we’re most excited about.