Christmas is just around the corner!

The man in red rolled into Adelaide last weekend and it is only 35 sleeps until xmas!  I know you didn’t want to hear that as it scares me as well-where has this year gone?  I have so much to do before we close on the 22nd of December, I need to write myself a list and get cracking.

So much to talk about this month and where to start, Melbourne Cup, Trump, the share market, Centrelink Changes from 1/1/17 and finally our phones were out for 10 days…..

We are encouraging all Centrelink recipients to contact us to organise their registration with Centrelink to make sure they continue to be paid or be entitled to their maximum entitlement.

What can you say about Trump and the US Election that the media hasn’t already covered?  Not much, so I won’t bore you anymore (other than to say a tornado in a tea cup folks!).  I also met with Bob Cunneen our MLC Economist today, who didn’t have an answer about much of this because it’s a matter of wait and see, so we will wait and see.

Thanks for your patience during our phone outage.  I decided to take myself off to Fiji for a week for some R&R (well before I knew about the phones)-thank heavens we had changed our internet provider earlier in the year to satellite otherwise the staff would have had a holiday as well)….

Don’t’ forget if you need your Christmas Cakes or Puddings, we will have a supply at the office or you can email me for an order, my Glenside Lions Club are selling them now.